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Sneak peak of my little Fluttershy. RusherRosemary's POV: when I was working on doing project on the computer, I heard a loud thunk on the door. I went to the door and opened it and I noticed a box. I carefully picked up the box and it in my room gently. I noticed a note that says given to a good home. I carefully opened the box and noticed a filly Fluttershy. What should I? Should I take care of her? Should I call somebody? I have no clue but then I decided to take care of her which is my only option. I gently picked up the filly and put her in the living room. I turned on PBS kids and the filly watched the morning cartoons on the local station. It kept her occupied while I got slices of watermelon, I made sure that they're diced. I walked in the living room and slowly gave the filly the sliced watermelon. Little Fluttershy happily ate the watermelon slowly. When she was done eating, little Flutters came to me and laid on my lap, I stroked her mane.
To be continued
When Wanda was a pup she was with Vanessa Doofensmirtz from 9 weeks old to 20 years old in human age while Julie was with with Isabella from 8 weeks old to 19 years old in human age. Time went by and Vanessa was almost 16, Wanda nudged her to get her attention but Vanessa was texting her dad. Wanda nudged her again when Vanessa was off the phone. Vanessa then looked at Wanda and smiled at her and held her while stroking her fur. Wanda then rubbed her head against her arm indicating that she's happy to be around Vanessa but Heniz didn't want Wanda to be more attached to Vanessa. When Heniz wanted to hold her, Wanda bit his neck and ran to Vanessa. Wanda then growled at Heniz angrily and walked away with Vanessa. Vanessa then started playing with Wanda at Sharline's place instead of Heniz's place. When Wanda tried to confence Heniz, he kept on telling her no but Vanessa's last option is have Wanda sign paperwork from the OWCA. When Wanda got done, she put it in the OWCA mail slot and started packing her bags. Wanda said to Vanessa. "Thanks for everything!* Vanessa rubbed her head fur one more time and smiled. "I guess its goodbye." Wanda softly whimpered and nuzzled Vanessa one last time and grabbed her wagon that has her bags and luggage and started going to headquarters. "Goodbye Vanessa, thanks for everything." Wanda said softly to Vanessa.
To be continued
Planing on doing an mlp fan fiction called my little Fluttershy instead of my little Dashie. And yes I'm a Fluttershy fan. Don't write any rude and disrespectful comments! It'll be me taking care of Filly Fluttershy instead of Filly Rainbow Dash. Please be respectful to what I'm doing.
When Wanda saw Heniz beating up Perry. She was shocked at first, Wanda then got zapped but she was still alive because her talent charm was protecting her. Wanda then flew faster than a falcon and punched Heniz in the face 100 times while in fast flight. Wanda picked up Heniz by the ankle and spun him and picked up smacking him in the ground and threw him upwards. Then Wanda flew up like a rocket and is faster than a falcon. Wanda kept on punching Heniz until he gave up. Heniz then fled the Battle. Wanda went back to Perry and began doing first-aid. "You're so strong and powerful, Wanda." Perry said kindly to her. "I've been practicing flight known do in years!" Wanda said softly as she got done with first-aid on Perry's scratches.
To be Continued
Wanda flew through D.E.I and hit Heniz's layer which a large tree. Wanda defeated Heniz in the process and has a broken ankle and covered in cuts on the side of her chest and the side of her stomach which they were minor. Wanda is also covered in debris dust and rushed to the hospital to get cleaned up and get her ankle bandaged and put a walking boot on it. Please help her feel better with get well cards or bring her something that she likes.
Little Wanda was at Danville park having a picnic. Then suddenly out no where, a jet hit the OWCA agency building which it was heniz's evil plan.
Wanda was 2 in human age and Julie was 1 year old

Jet driver: Please listen very carefully, major. This is Kyle on flight 22. We've been highjacked too many patrollers have been stabbed.
Major: Do you have any idea where you're heading?
Kyle: No, people at coach it's a routine emergency, we've asked for a doctor but none's on board.
Major: Can you tell us more about the highjackers?
Kyle: Yes, agent Calisha has a knife and mace, and agent Gabby has a bomb.
Major: how are the patrollers that are stabbed agent K?
Kyle: one patroller is ok. I'm not sure the others might not make it. *gasps* Oh my gosh! Something's wrong here!
Carl: Agent K are you still here?
Kyle: we're in rapid descent they're all over the place!!
Major: Can you look out the window and tell us what you see?
Kyle: I see water and buildings! We're flying low. We're flying very very low. We're flying way too low! *gasps* O my gosh we are-!
OWCA work building: *explodes during the impact with the jet*
Little Wanda: *panics and cries*
Poppy: *hugs her and gently rubs her back* Shhhhh. It's ok, Darling Mommy's here
Johnathan: *picks up Little Julie*
Another explosion from another jet hit the other OWCA tower
Little Wanda: *cries and whimpers*
Poppy and Johnathan: *takes Little Wanda and Julie home*
Poppy: *notifies Major* *told to stay indoors with little Wanda and Julie*
Johnathan: I'll check for survivors Major.
Major: ok agent J.
Poppy: kids how about you stay inside until the coast is clear.
Little Wanda and Julie: We will Mommy.
Poppy: how about you watch PBS kids.
Little Wanda and Julie: ok
To be continued
Two hours after Wanda's dad died.
Henry: *carries Wanda on his shoulders*
Wanda: *clutches Poppy's fedora and starts whimpering*
Emma: *notices 3 year old Wanda*
Little Wanda: *cries*
Emma: *holds little Wanda close and gently rubs her back* Shhhhh... Don't worry Wanda we'll take care of you.!
Little Wanda: *let's out tears of Joy* *softly says* thank you!
Henry: *takes little Wanda inside and gives her some hot chocolate*
Little Wanda: *takes a few little sips and smiles softly*
Emma: Hopefully Major help you.
Little Wanda: *hears Baby Tyler cry and goes to his room*
Emma: Wanda get over here! Now!
Little Wanda: S-s-sorry but I was just trying to help.
Henry: *sits beside Little Wanda*
Little Wanda: *thinks about her parents and starts crying*
Emma: That's it sweetie, let it all out.
Little Wanda: *crying* if I was brave! I would've helped *sniffles* stop the explosion.
Emma: It was just a bad incident, cupcake.
Little Wanda: it wasn't an incident! It's Heniz's fault. My mom and dad would still here. *sniffles*
Emma: I know sweetheart.
Little Wanda: I wish I'd helped too!
Emma: Gosh darnit! Wanda! *tears up* I've already lost two friends! I don't want to loose you too!
Little Wanda: *looks up at Emma* Me and Calisha were arguing at school! She wanted to tear my family apart!
Emma: I know it Hurt's but you gotta stick together. We need you, Perry needs you and Major needs you most of all! And I can't do this alone!
Little Wanda: *still crying*
Emma: Please? Promiss us that you'll help Major.
Little Wanda: *softly* I-i-i promiss.
Emma: *puts Poppy's fedora on Little Wanda's head* Never forget.... Never forget their love Wanda.
Little Wanda: *closes her eyes and imagines Poppy and Johnathan hugging her* *whimpering opens her eyes*
Emma: *hugs little Wanda*
Little Wanda: I miss them. I miss them so much.
Emma: So do I. We'll help you train. I promiss.
To be continued
Wanda and Julie's parents being changed.
Occupation: agent and father of Wanda and Julie
Likes: spending time with his daughters and helping Major
Dislikes: intruders
Fears: his daughters getting hurt
Status: dead
Cause of death: He tried to rescue 3 year old Wanda from a fire at D.E.I but left his hat with Wanda and got killed by heniz.

Occupation: agent and mother of Wanda and Julie
Likes: spending time with her daughters and helping Major
Dislikes: intruders
Fears: her family falling apart
Status: dead
Cause of death: Poppy rescued 2 year old Wanda from a bomb explosion and sacrificed herself. Year before Jonathan died.

Perry's parents found 3 year old Wanda and 2 year old Julie crying and huddling Poppy's hat and Jonathan's hat. Emma and Henry heard about the news and took 3 year old Wanda to their place. Nicole took 2 year old Julie her place. That's when they got separated and got raised by two different families.
That's how Heniz killed Poppy and Johnathan to have Wanda all to himself and kill Julie.
For :iconagentbengaltiger:
New OCS Perry's parents.
Name's for Perry's Mom and Dad: Emma and Henry

Age: 43
Occupation: Agent and father of Perry.
Likes: spending time with his two sons and helping Emma.
Dislikes: His sons being in danger.
Fears: losing his two sons

Age: 42
Occupation: mother of Perry and Tyler and agent
Likes: spending time with her sons and helping Henry with his missions
Dislikes: intruders
Fears: losing her sons

Rp: when Henry and Emma rescuing younger Wanda from a broken bridge and survived
Rope to the bridge: *breaks on the left side*
Little Wanda: *screams for help*
Henry and Emma: *in their 30s* *runs to rescue Wanda*
Perry: *tags along with them*
Emma: *grabs the wood holding the bridge*
Henry: *climbs the rope and carries Wanda to safety*
Little Wanda: *cries and whimpers*
Rope from the bridge: *breaks*
Emma: *gasps and grabs the rope*
Henry: Perry! Catch Wanda!
Little Perry: *grabs both of her hands*
Little Wanda: *into tears and gasps to see Little Perry*
Henry: *gets back to safety and pulls little Wanda up*
Emma: thanks for saving Wanda for us.
To be continued
My first Yin Yang Yo fan fiction

Angie the Platypus's POV
My name is Angie and I was Carl's pet but I ran away because he's a villain. When I spotted a dojo ahead I slowly walked there. Then I heard someone coming and I found a bush close by so I hid there. Then I yelped in pain from my tail and I started crying softly. Then a pink rabbit came to me and gently picked me up and took me inside. "Don't worry I'll take care of you." She said softly to me. "Yin! You know that the platypus is injured!" The blue rabbit said to his sister. "I know Yang!" Yin replied and went to the bathroom. After getting clean I started to feel better. Yin brought me some shrimp for me to have and started bandaging my tail. Yin gently put a cast on my tail. I got done eating the shrimp and I rubbed my head against Yin's face. "I love you too Angie!" Yin said happily.. Then night fell and I got tired. Yin took me to her room and put me on the foot of her bed. She grabbed a blanket from her closest and gently wrapped me in it. I fell asleep beside her and I was happy to have hope come to me.
To be continued
Julie: When Wanda was 15 in human age. Wanda first Defeated Heniz, she wanted to do it by herself major, Carl and the other agents were watching Wanda defeat Heniz. When the evil inator was destroyed and about to explode Wanda ran off. I heard the explosion from the evil inator and Heniz yelling in defeat and Wanda came back feeling confident about what she did. The explosion caused tons of broken windows all over Danville and set off car alarms at the next county. Major and everyone else were watching and cheering for her when Wanda was defeating Heniz by herself! She did it! She got her talent charm which has a music note wearing a fedora. This is for :iconagentbengaltiger: and Perry.
Wanda and Kathy were to do scary face animation. Wanda did the vampire that has blood dripping from her upper jaw. While Julie did a large monster face. One time Heniz was about to zap Perry with the poison inator. Julie tried to scare Heinz but failed and Wanda decided to put the foot down and take to the next level. Wanda did her vampire face that scared the heck out of Heniz that he peed his pants.

Animated version:
Julie: *does her scary face*
Heniz: You're not even trying!
Wanda: *steps in front of Heniz and has Perry behind her* Well yeah! *makes her vampire face with roaring, snarling, hissing, screeching, and growling*
Heniz: What is that!? A vampire Platypus?! *backs away from the inator and yells in fear* Stop! Stop! No! No please! *screams* I can't take it anymore!!
Julie: *laughs at Heniz and frees Perry* Nice going Wanda! *switches the poison inator to reverse mode*

P.S. Julie is actually a spirit.
For :iconagentbengaltiger:
Changed Wanda's current hometown to England with Queen Elizabeth. Wanda and her sister Julie grew up after their parents died from a bomb explosion at a national forest. But Queen Elizabeth told the guards not to tell Wanda and Julie about their parents and how they died from the bomb explosion at the national forest where they were left in a cardboard box when Wanda and her sister were hidden by a large bush.
Wanda and Julie's parents names are Sarah and John
Sorry Richard I had to change my OCS and where they grew up.
Wanda's new bio: When Wanda was younger, she was very shy and experimented with wings by a Scientist named Zach before he died from a heart attack last week. But Wanda wasn't told about Zach. When Wanda and Julie went for their first training together. Wanda was 6 years old and Julie was 5 years old when their training started with Queen Elizabeth herself telling them how to kick the door down by using dummies of the door they were real doors but that didn't bother them. After they graduated they had to go to the OWCA to be able to be able to fight for the good with her sister. Wanda is now 23 while Julie is 22 before she died from a bad event of Cardiac Arrest at the hospital. Wanda was really upset about her loss. But she notice that Julie is a spirit and she walks by her side when she is sad. Wanda goes to the forest when she's sad ever since when she was little. Julie's spirit is always there for her when she is sad. P.S You never want to see Wanda angry and she knows flight known do: ten punches for one or two times depending how strong the enemy is, flight karate power kick in the chest depending how hard and more flight known do moves that she can do.

What Wanda likes and dislikes
Likes: Butterflies, art and helping fill in for agents when Monogram needs her.
Dislikes: Seeing her friends getting hurt, being teased and Calisha.
Fears: Revenge.
Age: 23

Julie has the same bio.
Likes: adventures and acting like a goofball in front of Wanda and Monogram.
Dislikes: Filling in for agents.
Fears: Revenge and Wanda getting hurt.
Age: 22

For :iconagentbengaltiger: and Perry.
Heniz doesn't want to see Wanda angry because he knows her crown and her necklace have magic weapons in gems in her crown and and necklace are protecting her body from bomb explosions and the poison inator. Wanda has the ability to fly fast as a falcon and use her crown to teleport.
New Elements of harmony with Regular show OCS and PnF OCS
Wanda: (peace)
Elizabeth: (leadership and kindness)
Kathy: (friendship)
Wendy: (passion)
Julie: *desied* (happiness). Spirit of Julie: (happiness)
Emily: (Helping hand)
Combined Elizabeth and Travis's elements power they've defeated Giant Susan with true love and their relationship together.)
When love muffin was too strong for Perry. Wanda and her friends defeated love muffin to bring peace and leadership. Thanks to the Spirit of Julie for helping Wanda.

on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this song?
Wanda's hypnotism tiara gem in action!

Julie: She'd basically hypnotized Heinz and the love muffin club to do this song that Stuart and Wanda did when they were younger.
Julie: Wanda lost her eyesight during a fight yesterday. Gru is able to help her by having her wear minion goggles that came last night. Wanda's at Gru's lab getting her eyesight tested. If you want to visit her you can ask Gru or Dr. Naffario.
With the power of death known do and love combined they repelled Susan and banished her far away from the park.
Here's an rp and a video.

Travis and Elizabeth: *combine their death known do power and love together*
Susan: *looks at them. Shocked*
Travis and Elizabeth: *release their power and banishes Susan*
Susan: *defeated and banished* NOOOOOOOO!
Travis and Elizabeth: *gets back on the ground*
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What do you think Wanda's Talent Charm should be? 

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